What it is:

The NCFEEDER project began with generous donations amounting to $2,000 from Venable customers and friends of UNC hospital. These will provide meals to UNC Hospital employees. We delivered 200 meals this week and continue to work with UNC Hospitals to provide critical hospital employees with nourishing meals.

The project is inspired by a program launched in the Bay Area, East Bay Feeder and we thank them for the inspiration to do something similar. We are launching it in Carrboro as a way to help the workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community.

How it Works:

Customers make a donation through our website. We will use the funds to provide meals from Venable which we will deliver to hospital workers, police, firefighters, EMTs and more. The hope is to have enough donations to expand and involve more local restaurants in the project.

You donations will help keep Venable employees working – while feeding our local frontline workers during this crisis.